Politique de confidentialité

EASTBIO's website: (short for "the Site") issues this privacy policy as its promise on protecting the privacy of every individual or company. This statement outlines the policy to protect the personal information you provide us when visiting the Site. This statement illustrates the collection, use and protection of users' information by the Site. Please read it carefully.

1. Information Collection

In some cases, we may require you to provide individual- identifiable and background information for the convenience of your visiting or for providing you services after visiting the Site. These examples include but not limited by:

  1. Registration in the Site;
  2. Offering of feedbacks and suggestions online;
  3. Participation of our online activities.

The individual - identifiable and background information we ask for include name, gender, age, date of birth, social ID, telephone number, communication address, residence address, email address, profession, education, income, marriage, family and so on; or the company's name, nature, bank account, legal representative, tax number, fax, business representative, contact telephone number, address, email, website, main products and so on. All the information mentioned above is "Confidential Data".

You reserve the right of offering your confidential data to the Site. And if you do not want your confidential data collected, please do not submit it to us.

EASTBIO has no intention of collecting any personal data from individuals under sixteen years of age. EASTBIO encourages all parents to instruct their children in use and visit of the Site.

2. Information Security

The site will strictly manage and protect the personal data you offer to us. And your personal information will be kept confidential unless you clearly state in the relevant part of the Site that you agree to expose one or some parts of your personal information. Any information about you will not be exposed to the third party.

Except the confidential data mentioned in the Article One of this statement, any other information you provide to the Site, including problems, suggestions, opinions or the like will not be regarded as confidential.

3. Limited Use

The site will use the personal information in case of any following condition:

  • Your approval in written form;
  • To rid the dangers as to your life, body or property;
  • To prevent big dangers imposed on the third parties;
  • To maintain the public's interests.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information

The site will provide personal information at the request of the law enforcement authorities. But the Site is not liable for the information disclosure or the consequent results.

5. Exemption of Liability

Aside from the conditions mentioned in the Article Four, the Site is also not liable for the information disclosure illustrated in the Article Five of the Legal Statement.

EASTBIO reserves the right to revise or update the privacy policy statement without notification.

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